Calzificio Nonni Faenza


Between industrial customers and private label of stockings, we include the most prestigious brands in the domestic market.

In addition to industrial customers, Calzificio Nonni covers Italian and European markets with the owned trademark thanks to its own commercial structure.
The line of tights manufactured with the corporate trademark has the main purpose of offering a product whose quality/price ratio is the most competitive as possible, by streamlining manufacturing, purchasing, logistic and management phases.
From the commercial point of view, it aims at simplifying the structure of the offer in order to reach an immediate recognition of trademark advantages.

On January 2008, Calzificio Nonni Franco drew up a licence agreement with the company Liabel Spa to manufacture and distribute a line of tights under the Liabel trademark.
The project wants to represent a combination of technical-production knowledge of the hosiery factory and the commercial positioning of the Liabel trademark.
Line peculiarities focus on the creation of good quality products, with a competitive price positioning compared with the main competitors, thus creating a real alternative to the current commercial/manufacturing concentration of the sector.

Calzificio Nonni designed and realized this trademark for the sanitary line.
This line includes tights, knee-highs and stockings that are specifically designed to assure leg comfort without renouncing femininity.
We introduced and developed technical items in this line. Furthermore, the cooperation with partners having a high technological ability assures that the trademark suitably stands out within the specialized market of this expanding sector.